What is more important than realizing your whole potential? What blocks you from achieving it, and what is newly possible when you are free from your limitations?

These workshops and trainings help you understand the totality of who you are, and offer the insight and skills to power your personal growth. Invest the modest amount of time it takes to do this breakthrough work and live a more balanced and complete life as a result. When you achieve a certain level of consciousness, and have mastered the capacity to conduct the amazing array of inner resources you have available, you can manifest your big dreams – without stress.


Heal and Transform the Inner Scapegoat: A Voice Dialogue Workshop at People House

Humans have always projected onto others, the qualities or attributes they repress, or deny are within themselves. This scapegoating comes with an archetypal principal: life can only be born of another life, which is sacrificed. Learn how Voice Dialogue heals and transforms the Inner Scapegoat and the “Scapegoat-Identified Person.”

Heal the Inner Scapegoat

Facilitator: Francesca Starr, PhD, CPC

People House, Spruce Room | People House Main
3035 West 25th Ave, Denver, CO 80211

Date: TBA

Cost: $35.00

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