“We consider Francesca Starr one of our senior teachers and very much support her work as a Voice Dialogue facilitator and teacher. Francesca combines her understanding of Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves with an extensive background in education, counseling, business, and spiritual training and discipline. The result is a powerful and magnetic teacher who bridges the personal and transpersonal worlds and helps you do the same. Francesca has both our trust and confidence, personally and professionally.”
– Hal and Sidra Stone, the creators of Voice Dialogue

“I have spent years in the training profession and know a master when I see one. Francesca Starr is a masterful teacher and experienced facilitator. With warmth and compassion she shares her profound wisdom and experience in a clear and understandable way. It is a delight to draw from her deep well of knowledge and practical wisdom.”
– Marcia Jameson, Executive Coach

“Francesca Starr is a truly gifted transformational coach who helps people to accomplish in two hours what usually takes years/decades in a more traditional setting. She’s a genius at teasing the transpersonal and practical dimensions of the client’s experience into an enduring sense of wholeness. Because she peppers her artistry with fierce compassion, an incredible sense of humor and a light touch, she leaves you thinking you did it all yourself.”
– KR, Ph.D., Clinical Anthropologist

“Prior to my work with Francesca, I let my need to rescue and be constantly available to others run me ragged (my Pleaser combined with my Pusher/Doer were in control). I was often exhausted, behind schedule, and low on clarity about what I desired in life.

Since working with Francesca and Voice Dialogue, I have been able to create clear relationship boundaries (my Boundary-Setter was born!) enabling me to provide for my own needs and desires, while being appropriately available to others.

Francesca has a unique blend of superior intelligence, highly developed intuitive, and genius level knowledge of the Voice Dialogue process. This enables her to function as an exceptionally effective coach, mentor, and teacher. Voice Dialogue is clearly a breakthrough process for human emotional, mental, and consciousness development.”
– Bob Beale, Beale International

“When it comes to training and facilitation, Francesca knows her stuff! With her compassionate heart, keen intellect and a boat load of knowledge, she provides a top-notch learning experience for participants. She translates skill and knowledge into practical wisdom. It is a thrill to learn from a master at her craft.”
– Marcia Jameson, Executive Coach