Voice Dialogue
Gentle Conversations that Change Your Life

“Francesca’s work transforms lives!”
Shakti Gawain

“We consider Francesca Starr one of our senior teachers and
very much support her work and teaching…”
Hal and Sidra Stone, Co-Creators of Voice Dialogue

Resolve Life Issues and Achieve Positive Changes
in Hours not Years … Evolve Your Consciousness

Francesca brings finely honed skills, knowledge and wisdom from previous careers (education, business and counseling) to her current passion as a Voice Dialogue Coach and Trainer. Inspired, breakthrough coaching to resolve life and professional issues, generate conscious choice and creative action, and achieve your goals and dreams.

Gentle, engaging conversations with your Inner Selves that Transform Your Life.

“Voice Dialogue is a very helpful process for personal and leadership growth, and Francesca is an exceptional teacher and coach. I would highly recommend her and the process to any business leader aspiring to become a more authentic and effective leader, and help others do the same.”
Steve Macadam, CEO Enpro Industries

Move beyond struggle and transform
your life & work!