Voice Dialogue Coaching

Quickly Resolve Life/Work Challenges
 Achieve Positive Changes in Hours, Not Years!

“Francesca Starr is a truly gifted transformational coach who helps people to accomplish in two hours what usually takes years/decades in a more traditional personal growth setting. She’s a genius at teasing the transpersonal, practical and personal/professional dimensions of the client’s experience into an enduring sense of wholeness. Because she peppers her artistry with fierce compassion, an incredible sense of humor and a light touch, she leaves you thinking you did it all yourself.”                        K, PhD, Client

Voice Dialogue Coaching is a collaborative relationship between a Coach and her client. It occurs within an inspiring and productive process that empowers and motivates the client to clarify and achieve their goals, to more fully express their personal and professional potential, and to move from solving problems to creating “extreme well-being.” Voice Dialogue Coaching amplifies the ability to consciously choose one’s responses to life’s challenges and crossroads, rather than react automatically or habitually in ways that are ineffective, or harmful. Voice Dialogue Coaching supports the development of mutual, intimate, equal partnerships; and teaches clients how to effectively resolve conflicts in ways that provoke positive growth for all parties.

Voice Dialogue Coaching drives skilled and exceptional leadership in organizations of all sizes. This unique and empowering process delivers increased self-awareness as a foundation for innovative and successful leadership.

“I achieved more with Francesca in two hours than I had in years!” Client 

“Because Francesca is so brilliant with Voice Dialogue and has clearly done her own work there was never a hint of judgment or any agenda on her part. I was free to meet my Inner Selves, and they became my teachers. My issue was procrastination. I look back and it is rare that I don’t complete things now – and it has occurred very organically from within. It is truly transformative work.”             MR Mental Health Counselor

Francesca’s commitment is to have her clients leave each session with a sense of completion, and distinct movement towards their goal(s). At times, this requires the session to be extended by a few minutes. In order to achieve this sense of completion, the following fees allow for the possibility of going over the 90-minutes allotted (up to two-hours).

Coaching Fees:

90-120 minute Voice Dialogue Coaching Session $250.00

Some of the goals clients wish to accomplish:

  • Achieve Mind/Body/Spirit Well-Being
  • Change Life Patterns that Don’t Work to Life Choices that Do
  • Move Beyond Rigid Black/White, Good/Bad Thinking to More Inclusive, Yes/Yes, Paradoxical Thinking
  • Build Capacity to Embrace Opposite Perspectives
  • Increase Energy Level
  • Balance Work and Personal Life and Reduce Stress
  • Increase Self-Esteem and Confidence
  • Gain Skills to Grow through Life Transitions, and Grief and Loss
  • Increase and Express Creativity

Improve your Relationships

  • Strengthen Important Relationships
  • Use Relationships as Teacher
  • Love Another without Losing Yourself
  • Learn Effective Communication Skills
  • Understand and Master the “Energetics” of Relationship
  • Change Relational Patterns that Don’t Work; Reduce Harmful Interactions
  • Grow and Transform after Destructive Relationships and/or Groups
  • Grow and Thrive after a Break-Up
  • Build Successful Gay and Lesbian Relationships

Enhance Your Professional Life/Career

  • Resolve Career Concerns
  • Clarify Goals and Choices, Generate Action Plans
  • Effectively moderate Workaholism, Procrastination, and Perfectionism
  • Maximize Productivity
  • Explore Life Purpose and Work
  • Maximize Relationships at Work
  • Build Successful Work/Life Balance

Explore New Levels of Personal Growth, Spiritual Development

  • Understand More Fully Who You Are
  • Transform Barriers to Growth
  • Change Habitual Reactions to Conscious Choice
  • Handle Life’s Adversities with Choice, Authenticity, and Resilience
  • Add More Meaning to Life
  • Increase Self-Responsibility
  • Experience Your Spiritual Nature
  • Become more Flexible – Change is Certain
  • Experience more Joy, Creativity, and Passion

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