Voice Dialogue Level Two Training

Are you or your clients stuck, caught in repetitive life patterns, indecisive, lack meaning or purpose, or unable to manifest your/their big dreams without stress?

You will learn a series of practices and laser-like methods that rapidly create breakthrough results that last.

Please join us if you:

  • Want more passion in your life and work.
  • Want to create a professional niche that sets you apart from the field and generates word of mouth clients.
  • Want to dramatically improve the results you bring to your clients.
  • Want to generate more income.


Voice Dialogue Level Two Training is a hands-on, participant-focused program that gives you the opportunity to map bonding patterns, experience and work with the energetics of the Inner Selves, and uses the Voice Dialogue model for working with dreams. While broadening your understanding of the Psychology of Selves and the application of the Aware Ego Process, Level Two focuses on building your facilitation skills through personal sessions, observation, and facilitation under supervision.

The Training builds on Level One Training and deepens your personal and professional relationship with the work.

This Training is for:

Therapists, coaches, executives and business owners, spiritual/consciousness practitioners, healing arts professionals, educators, other professionals, those interested in personal growth and using relationships as a growth journey.

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